Natreon, Inc. Files Lawsuit Against Ixoreal Biomed


 Natreon, Inc. Files Lawsuit Against Ixoreal Biomed and Shri Kartikeya Pharma (Marketers of KSM-66 Ashwagandha)

Potential Health Risk at The Center of the Claims

New Brunswick, NJ, December 5, 2016 – Natreon,Inc. has filed a lawsuit against Ixoreal Biomed Inc, Los Angeles, CA (“Ixoreal Biomed’), marketer of KSM-66 ashwagandha, and its parent company, Shri Kartikeya Pharma, Ltd., Hyderabad, India (“SKP”).  The complaint, filed on September 30, 2016, alleges false advertising, trade libel, defamation, and tortious interference, among other counts.

Notably, one of the most serious claims leveled against the companies is that KSM-66 contains undeclared milk allergens, thus posing a serious public health risk. Natreon has gotten a total of 34 products from the market containing KSM-66 tested, out of which 16 products tested positive for milk allergens. 13 of these products did not declare the presence of milk allergens on their labels, and 3 products in fact declared to be dairy free. Two of the products which tested positive are two different lots of KSM-66 pure powder, repackaged and sold. Interestingly, some products containing KSM-66 declared the presence of milk allergens, while many did not. Out of the 16 products which tested positive, four contained Organic KSM-66, and two of them declared no dairy. Three different reputed labs in USA were used to test the products

The results have been forwarded to U.S.  Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”). Milk allergens are one of the 8 allergens for which the FDA has zero tolerance.

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